Places to visit in September

Places to visit in September

September is an astonishing underrated month for the traveller. Individuals don’t accept this because they relate it to their childhood happiness about summer ending and also going back to school.

But September allows all short summer vacation a sweet time where surge pricing has finished while festival, sunrise and warm night continues. September vacation is less expensive and good weather. This article would let you know the best places to visit in September vacation.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Coastal Maine is one of the smaller national parks, Acadia, which rate itself with the little light pollution east of the Mississippi River. You have to go there for the Acadia Night Sky which usually held on September 5th to 6th. Astronomers either novice or expert meet together with the rest of the locals.

Also, take part in other sources of good fun just like artwork competitions and also telescope raffles. September is the best time of the year to visit Acadia because there would be many people around.

The Cyclades, Greece

The Greek Island is ridiculous to the levels of their beauty at any time of the year, but they use to be very hot during the summer months and, this depends on where you go. If you grew up travelling to the Cyclades, then there won’t be a specific reason why you should be more joyous in the summer than the off-season.

Try Santorini or Mykonos if you desire something lively and more fun, but if you desire to spend a week eating fresh fish in a sleepy fishing village with a large number of people, select from a number of your favourite under the radar Greek Islands.

Glens Falls, New York

For about 40 years, this city has been on the edge of the Adirondacks. Adirondacks has handled the Adirondack Balloon Festival, the hot air balloon looks like it came out from a children’s book. There can be as many as 100 balloons aloft at a time, and at night you will see about 20 left for the “Moonglow”, this is the program everyone usually watches at night. This festival usually takes place around September 20-23, which has craft fair that supports Good Shit financially in the local community just like scholarships and service projects.

You would also be able to the Saratoga Wine & Food Festival which occurs around September 7-9 and the world largest Garage Sale which usually occurs around September 29-30, this is to draw more than about 400 vendors. Note, it doesn’t matter what your feelings for balloons if you are in New York, you would know this is the right place you should be.


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