Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Experience

Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Experience


On our trip to Cebu, we book a Kawasan canyoneering & Osmina Peak activities package. They fetch us up at our hotel in Cebu Island at 5 in the morning. There are only four of us in the 3 hours journey to Badian.

Kawasan falls

We were assigned one tour guide for our three person group. He gave us a life jacket, a chocolate bar and a bottle of water. We then proceeded to the starting point via motorbike. The bike ride was about ten minutes. Two of us have to share a bike with the rider, making three adults in a motorcycle!

Upon arrival, we have to fill in our safety particulars and were given a safety briefing on canyoneering. After that, we started to walk to our first jumping point which took us half an hour. The first jumping point was four meters.

The next four hours involved swimming, walking and jumping to our following jumping points. There are food and drinks stores along the way for you to purchase.

The highest jumping points were thirteen meters! But don’t worry, if you think you can’t beat the height, all jumps are all optional! There are also natural waterslides and Tarzan swing that are equally fun.

So should you try canyoneering at Cebu? Yes, you should! You don’t have to know how to swim or if you have minor acrophobia you can skip the high jumping point and tried the little ones! It’s undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience, and you can only found canyoneering at Cebu in South East Asia!

We finished our canyoneering in Kawasan Falls by lunchtime. We then proceeded to Osmena Peak via car on a one and a half hour journey. The hiking took us twenty minutes with a guide to the Osmena Peak. There is nothing much to do except for marvel the beauty of nature and of course, photography. It only took us an hour to hike up and down.

The guide told us that it is possible to overnight on the Osmena Peak. The travellers will start pitching their tent around 5 – 6 pm. Do note that there is no food stall around the area if you decided to overnight there, bring your food.

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