Glamping Singapore Review

Glamping Singapore Review

We planned to do picnic at the beach to celebrate my birthday last week. It was the rainy season, and we need to have a contingency plan in case it does rain. Bringing own tent was a hassle, and since it was my birthday, we decided to ‘splurge’ on the accommodation. We went to Airbnb to book glamping at the price of S$180 for medium bell tent. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Glamping in East Coast Park, Singapore.

Medium Bell Tent


  1. The provider was friendly and accommodating. We made a last minute booking, and they did not reject us. Upon check-in, we were given batteries in case the fairy light runs out of them.
  2. Fan and lights provided. Only two people got to enjoy the fan’s breeze while the other two slept with sweat. The lights are bright enough to lit the whole tent.
  3. The fairy lights look fantastic at night. It was gorgeous, picture perfect place to be at when it was dark with the glittering fairy lights.
  4. Love the serene sound of waves crashing at the beach. Not an everyday experiences for us city dwellers.
  5. Spacious. It’s enough for 2 – 8 people.

To be honest, there are not many pros to discuss. It’s a one-time experiences that I will never try again. Let me tell you why.


  1. Our tent was situated in East Coast Park Area G. The place is so ‘ulu’ and there are no bicycle rental, food place or convenience store near the area. (However, there may be bike-sharing bicycle around)
  2. Our tent was pitch 5 minutes walk away from the toilet! Imagine the horror waking up in the middle of the night to pee! We woke up each other and goes to the bathroom as a group, twice!
  3. We expect to have mosquitoes. So, we prepared mosquitoes patches for everyone. Despite the afford, we accessorized with mosquitoes bites on our legs at the end of the trip.
  4. There are bushes in front of the tent. To our horror, we were greeted by a bunch of mice when it came nightfall. Our neighbour who had their picnic laid out on the floor was terrified when the mice came for a visit.


My picnic wasn’t a success. We had to move everyone behind where there are a stone bench and table. We had to call off the event when it was getting dark, and only my family stayed in the tent to not ‘waste’ the lounging $$.

We spent a total of $180 + $60 (for the six pax dinner setup) for one night. I suggest spending that kind of money on a chalet or hotel if you decided to hold a get together.

But hey, don’t let my pampered ass stops you from glamping in Singapore. I promised you that it would be one of a kind experience. Muahahah!

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