A trip to Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater Tour!

A trip to Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater Tour!





We’re going to Surabaya for four days and wondering what activities that we could do while we’re there. We came across Bromo – Ijen Tour (East Java) in trip advisor and decided to check it out. We contacted several tour agencies weeks ahead and decided to choose with Getaway tours due to their fast response and good reviews.

🛫 Day 1 🛫

As soon as we touch down at Surabaya airport, we were greeted with our tour guide, Anas. He was noticeable from the crowd thanks to his bright green polo tee shirt. He then brings us to a car where there was a driver, Rudy, who was waiting for us. It was a long hour drive to Bondowoso.

t was dawn when we reach Bondowoso, Ijen View resort. We didn’t get the chance to explore the area and only went to their in-house restaurant for dinner as we have to wake up in the wee hours later on.

Note: It’s best if you could arrange for your flight to land Surabaya in the morning or at the very least at noon.

🚙 Day 2 🚙


Anas picked us up at 1am at the hotel lobby and we drove to Paltuding for about an hour. When we reached there, we waited until 2.30am for Anas to liaised with a hiking guide who would escort us to the peak of Ijen crater. The air in Paltuding was cold and it is advisable to wear a jacket to keep yourself warm.

There are a lot of people trekking to the Ijen crater. We took one and the half hour with lots of pit stops in between. The trek was steep in most of the areas. Unfortunately, it was drizzling when we started to trek midway. Our guide gave us a disposable raincoat to shield from the cold rain. He also makes me a walking stick from one of the branches to assist me with trekking.

I got to admit. The trek was beyond my expectation. It was tiring and cold. If you are going there and isn’t sure if the trekking is on par with your current stamina, there are friendly locals who make extra income by offering tired trekkers a ride on their wheelbarrow (which I refused to take and insisted on walking up slowly thanks to my huge ego).

It was still dark when we reach Ijen crater. We could see the Ijen Blue Fire Phenomenon from afar. It gets colder when we were sitting down waiting for the sunrise. The wind was strong so we have to take cover behind a rock and cuddled for warmth.

Finally, when the sun shining with all its glory, we are able to take pictures of the crater. We didn’t use the gas mask as the smell of the sulphur wasn’t as strong as we thought (however a different individual may feel otherwise)

After enjoying the beautiful view of mother nature, it’s time for us to trek back down. It was much harder than going up as the steep walkway will hurt your toes when it hits against your shoes. I think it will be less painful if we were to wear sandals instead of sports shoes.

Pit stops on the way to the Bromo.

Then, we stop at a cafe where we ate our breakfast that was packed from the hotel. After a few hours of driving, we stop again for lunch at java theme restaurant.

We check in Café Lava Bromo in the afternoon. Bromo was cold and the hotel is equipped with a much needed warm temperature shower. There are no much of a cafe/restaurant choices over there and for those who are not equipped with warm clothing, you can buy them there.

Day 3

We gathered at 3.30am and Anas picked up us in a 4WD jeep. He told us that the route will be dark and there will be no road in a certain area, so it will a bumpy ride. True enough, we could not see anything except for the lights from the other jeeps that were heading to the Penanjakan viewpoint with us.

The walking distance from the jeep parking area to the view point takes around 15 minutes. We were able to secure a perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

Hidden spot to take good picture of the mount bromo

Anas brought us to a hidden spot where we could take a good view of the mount bromo and a frame with us in it too.

After that, we went back to the same jeep and drove to the sea of sand and trek for half an hour. Compared to Ijen trekking, Mount Bromo’s is a breeze. There are horses for those who do not want to trek too.

There is no fence when you reach the peak of Mount Bromo and the walkway are rather narrow. Mind your step as there are a lot of people there.


That’s all for our adventure to Ijen crater and Mount Bromo! I hope you enjoy reading the post. Do leave me an email if you have doubts! I will try my best to clarify it for you. Till next time! x

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