6 Batam Resorts for your next Batam Getaway

6 Batam Resorts for your next Batam Getaway

Batam, Indonesia is a place to be if you are in need of a short and affordable vacation from the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore.

If you plan to relax by the beach, then this article is perfect for you as it will list down all (mostly) of Batam Resorts.


1.      Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach Resort
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It’s nearest ferry terminal, Nongsapura Ferry Terminal is just a 35 minutes ferry ride from Singapore. Upon arriving it took approximately five minutes’ drive to reach Turi Beach Resort.

There are two wings in Turi Beach Resort. One of them is Riani Wing, and the other is Tiara Wing. There are pools located at each side. The best news is that the Riani Wing cottages are newly renovated!

Also, the beach is just a minute walk away from the resort. Be sure to visit their jetty as well when you are there.

Visit their website for more information.

2.      Batam View Beach Resort

Batam View Beach Resort located in Nongsa area of Batam. It is a 4-star accommodation resort in Batam that are a short drive from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.

They also have water sports activities such as jet ski, wakeboarding, water skiing and banana boat cruise.

Visit their website for more information.

3.      KTM Resort

KTM Resort
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KTM Resort is perfect for those who on a budget. It is a peaceful and serene resort that is near Sekupang Ferry Terminal. KTM Resort also provides free transportation to and from Sekupang Ferry Terminal.

The rooms that face the sea is tranquil that accompanied by its natural crashing sound of the waves ambience.

Visit their website for more information.

4.      Nongsa Point Marina & Resort

Nongsa Point Marina & Resort shared the same amenities as Turi Beach Resort. Therefore, it’s location is approximately five minutes’ drive from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, similar to Turi Beach Resort.

Nongsa Point Marina & Resort also offer 2D1N golf packages for goal-enthusiast.

Visit their website for more information.

5.      Montigo Resort

Montigo resort is the place to be if you are seeking for a luxurious Batam getaway. It has different villa sizes that can accommodate 2 – 5 adults in a villa.

Every villa has their private pool. Montigo resort also has watersports, archery and many more activities that can be done. The nearest ferry terminal to Montigo Resort is Nongsapura Ferry Terminal which is 30 minutes from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore

Visit their website for more information.

6.      Harris Resort Waterfront Batam

Located near Waterfront Ferry Terminal, Harris Resort Waterfront is unlike any villa or cottages compared to the above. It features clean and modern hotels that can accommodate couple and families.

Harris Resort Waterfront also has a huge and accessible from hotel swimming pool that you can soak in.

Visit their website for more information.



Needless to say, the choices of resort available in Batam are affordable and relaxing. Do note that cottages tend to have mosquitoes due to its location. Some resort will offer a mosquito protection spray, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to bring your own mosquito patch.

Till then, enjoy your trip!


Nongsapura Ferry Terminal & Waterfront Ferry Terminal ferries depart from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Sekupang Ferry Terminal & Batam Centre Ferry Terminal depart from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal.

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